Research and Development Department of Micro- and Nanosystems, INME RAS

About the project

The department of “development and research of micro- and nanosystems” at the Institute of Microelectronics is equipped with an Apreo scanning electron microscope. Apreo SEM is a high-performance platform for the study of nanoparticles, catalysts, powders and nanodevices, including for working with magnetic samples. Traditional high-resolution SEMs have either electrostatic lenses or magnetic immersion. With an Apreo microscope, Thermo Ficher Scientific first combined both methods in one instrument.

The benefits of this arrangement go far beyond the performance of any other column. Both of these methods serve to form a beam into a thin probe to obtain an image at low accelerating voltages and direct the detected electrons back through the lens into the column. Due to the combination of magnetic and electrostatic immersion in one electron gun, a higher resolution is achieved and unique features for signal filtering are added. The combined electrostatic-magnetic end lens provides a resolution of 1.0 nm at 1 kV (without activating the beam deceleration or monochromator function).

Project Deatils

The scanning microscope is equipped with Xenos XeDraw2 electronic lithography system, which is located on a high voltage electron gun (up to 100 keV). Nanolithography system is designed to obtain an image on a plate or a template by illuminating the photoresist with an electron beam. The electron beam illuminates the photoresist on the substrate according to a design preloaded into the system. After the exposure process, the resist appears, and the result is an image on the substrate.

Xenos equipment (litho) is designed for medium-, small-scale and single-unit production and performs high-quality exposure with extremely high resolution and dimensions of the exposure element. A special microclimate control system and protection against electromagnetic fields and vibrations also make it possible to reach the maximum operating parameter of the installations. XeDraw models are installed in clean rooms and do not take up much space. Electron beam lithography provides a solution to a full range of problems and meets all the requirements of modern dynamics of requirements in the field of nanotechnology.

Project photo

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