Laboratory “Remote-controlled systems for theranostics”

About the project

Spectral systems equipped laboratory “Remote-controlled systems for theranostics” of the Saratov State University with imaging flow cytometer lmageStreamx Mark II, which combines the high speed and sensitivity of cell analysis of flow cytometry with the possibility of detailed imaging of cells and the functionality of fluorescence microscopy.

Project Deatils

The system allows to evaluate not only the intensity, but also the spatial arrangement of the fluorescent labels inside the cell with a sensitivity exceeding the sensitivity of classical flow cytofluorimeters. The device has great flexibility in the choice of options, and due to its high performance it allows to obtain statistically reliable results even when working with depleted cell subpopulations.

The use of a cytofluorimeter microscope gives great advantages in the study of cell interactions, circulating cancer cells, phagocytosis, apoptosis and autophagy and in many other studies in the field of cell biology.

Project photo

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