Mangold Vision is an out-of-the box Eye Tracking System, including a Software Package and Eye Tracking Hardware. It is designed to be the perfect solution for Structured Eye Tracking Tests with Multiple Participants.

Mangold Vision allows for presenting Various Stimuli (Images, Videos, Websites, EPrime and SuperLab Projects) and allows for capturing the entire Computer Screen, the user’s Facial Expressions and Thinking Aloud Protocols and computer related activities, such as mouse actions and keyboard entries made during a test session.

Фото галерея

Технические характеристики

Supporting Multi Eye Tracker simultaneously

Fully customizable calibration process

Possible post-hoc gaze data re-calibration

Data filtering and analysis on arbitrary questionnaires and user attributes

Project reorganization and re-recording without losing previous recorded data

Easy project merging even if the projects have different stimuli and user attributes

Multidimensional stimulus randomization

Easy export of heatmap and gazeplot videos

Moving and morphing areas of interest on videos

Full user experience recording: user camera, user audio, keyboard entries and mouse actions

Options to synchronize other systems in a research lab

Integration with Mangold DataView for using EEG and Physiology in eye tracking studies

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